Power your next study with Axiom Fusion's

Real-time Reporting
Live access to dozens of project management reports to enhance study data visibility.
Configurable report builder
Use Axiom’s dynamic Report Builder to quickly access study data to build your own reports. Choose from tables, listings, or graphs. Access your entire eCRF with drag and drop tools to create desired reports.
Complete eCRFs
Fusion ensures that all mandatory fields are completed by site personnel. You will never miss key data.
Modular Configuration
Choose the features and modules that fit your study needs.
Real-time Notifications
Real-time notifications for all personnel, total user control through the Communications Portal.
Con Meds Tracking
Track all study con meds. Directly link them to related AE/SAEs. Avoid double data entry.
Complex eCRF Logic
Powerlful business rules result in a smart, well designed eCRF to capture your study data.
Real-Time Data Review
Live access to review, query and manage study data from any computer in the world and on any device.
Integrated Help
Help tools, tips, how-to videos, eCRF Study Guides and up to 24/7 Customer Care.
Projected Subject Visit Reporting
Tools to assist coordinators and monitors with subjects’ pending visit scheduling.
AE/SAE Tracking
Integrated AE/SAE data capture, tracking, and reporting. Optional MedWatch and Fax Cover pages, Two-way querying process between the site and the sponsor’s Drug Safety group. Alerts and report submissions.
Device/Drug Tracking
Optional Device & Drug Supply Tracking Module manages all aspects of your study’s reconciliation/tracking.
Completion randomization management and reporting controlled via a single platform. Inventory tasks are completely centralized and automated.
Rapid eCRF/Study Deployments
Rapidly configured & deployed in weeks by Axiom personnel, first view of your database generally within in 5 to 10 days.
Project Portal
Access all of your study’s documents directly within Fusion.
Central Lab Import
Optional Central Lab Module imports all of your data into a single seamless database.
24/7 Support
Outstanding site and PM/Monitoring Customer Care personnel available up to 24/7.
Axiom EDC Cloud
Axiom Fusion is hosted in Axiom’s secure, triple redundant EDC Cloud.  US northeast, west coast, EU, and Asian locations.
21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
Fully compliant, secure, robust EDC solutions.
No change orders
Unlimited database changes during study configuration allows you to focus on the study design.
Axiom eCRF/Reports Services Credit
Axiom offers a post-study launch services credit (a portion of the full study cost) as a draw-down account for your use. This credit is used to address changes through the operational phase at no cost to you.
Fusion ePro Tools
Capture your ePro results using Axiom’s web, IVR or mobile device tools. Review real-time results and ensure subject compliance.

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