Simplify Monitoring and Tracking, Review of Monitoring Reports

Book visits, enter data or upload reports. Update reports and digitally sign-off on completed reports.
Allows for Sponsor or CRM review of monitoring reports, approval or update requests, and digital signature of completed reports.
Axiom’s Unified Monitoring Tools change everything about managing and completing monitoring reports.
  • Increasing visibility to study data
  • Elimination of manual tracking of study information
  • Digital reports, enabling global review and approvals
  • Tracking of monitor metrics, review cycles
  • Dramatically faster monitoring report reviews
  • Risk-based monitoring options
  • Significant and tangible financial savings
  • Potential savings in the tens or hundreds of thousands of monitoring costs
  • Elimination of hundreds of hours of review time and cycles that do not deliver any valueUnified Monitoring FeaturesMonitor Visit Report Options
Axiom’s Injected Data Tables change everything about completing monitoring reports.
The tables save thousands of hours of human capital and associated costs.

Injected Tables

Monitor Visits Reports Module – Reports
  • Monitor Aging Report
  • Monitoring Visit Metrics Report
  • Monitoring Visit Status Report
  • Monitor Progress Report

Monitor Visit Report Overview

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