Access Axiom Fusion’s Reporting Portal in Two Clicks: Reporting Made Easy

reportingThere are over 30+ standard reports within Axiom Fusion’s Reporting Portal.

Access Axiom Fusion’s Reporting Portal in Two Clicks:
View key study indicators, review clinical reporting, access real-time, integrated information and insight into study activities and issues for timely action to resolve problems and keep studies on track. Export reports in 2 clicks to Excel or PDF format.

Key Reports:

  • Trial Metrics Report
  • Trial Overview Report
  • Adverse Event List
  • Bypass Validation Report
  • Con Med List
  • Deviation Summary Report
  • eCRF Status Report
  • Form Status Report
  • Lab Listings
  • Monitor Progress Report
  • Notes List
  • Overdue Items
  • PI Signature Report
  • Projected Subject Visits Report
  • Cohort Summary Report
  • Visit Window Status Report
  • Page Status Report
  • Protocol Exemption / Waiver Report
  • Query Analysis Details
  • Query Overview Report
  • Query Status Details Report
  • Randomization Status Report
  • Screening/Enrollment Log
  • Screening/Enrollment by Country Report
  • Subject Enrollment Report
  • User Role Registration Detail Report
  • User Roles
  • Weekly Progress Report
  • Withdrawal Summary Report
  • Monitor Visit Metrics Report
  • Monthly Enrollment Report

Fusion Configurable Report Builder

Use Axiom’s Configurable Report Builder to quickly access study data to build your own reports. Choose from tables, listings, or graphs. Access your entire eCRF with drag and drop tools to create desired reports. Axiom’s system also includes the ability to automatically send scheduled emails with key study data to all relevant parties for their review.


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