Benefits of a Unified eClinical Suite.


Do you find yourself chasing down your own study data and trying to reconcile them between multiple separate vendors and systems?

Are you settling for a less than efficient solution?

Is your study still on separate systems?


A truly unified eClinical solution gives you single sign-on access to all your real-time study data, centralized.

5 Benefits of a Unified Platform

With a Unified eClinical Platform you can empower your organization with data-driven studies on a centralized system that delivers faster and smarter results!

  • No integration requirements between separate systems
  • Real-time visibility into study data, inventory, and randomization
  • Faster start-up and reduced time to end of study
  • Lower costs and reduction in team resource burdens
  • Automating key tasks and reduced manual steps

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Separate vs Truly Unified System


Lack of Integrated Dashboards

Critical data is stored across multiple systems.

  • Manage multiple vendors and data integration tools
  • Lack of consistent access to mission critical info
  • Potential technology integration issues
  • Higher study management costs and obligations


Data Fully Integrated on One Platform

Centralized data reporting on critical study factors.

  • Fully integrated modules with a single sign-on access
  • Centralized dashboards for critical data (enrolment, risk)
  • Seamless technology built completely in-house
  • Reduce study management costs and obligations


Delayed Data Reporting

Study data may not sync in real-time.

  • Data integration depend on vendor schedules and limits
  • Delays in reporting can impact critical decisions
  • Real-time and non-real-time data out of sync
  • Data access dependent on individual vendors
  • Multiple sign-ons required across tools


Real-Time Data Reports

All of your real-time study data, on demand, 24/7.

  • On demand direct access to real-time study data across modules
  • Real-time study and site activities for informed decisions
  • Inventory and randomization data available in real-time
  • Access data and reports from computer or mobile
  • Single sign-on and custom access levels for each user


Slower Study Start-Up and Close-Out

Potential delays in start-up and close-out.

  • Studies may take 4-6 months to start up
  • Timelines must be coordinated with multiple vendors
  • Slower close-outs with manual tracking and reconciliation


Faster Study Start-Up and Close-Out

Time to first person in is reduced.

  • Start-up your study in 30-90 days
  • Fewer vendors to coordinate and mobilize
  • Faster close-outs, all data is ready for review in one place


Extra Costs and Resources

Manual processes and managing multiple tools.

  • Complicated budgeting with multiple vendors per project
  • Coordinators required to learn and access multiple systems
  • Duplicate data entry for non-integrated data points
  • Costs of integrating data across tools
  • Multi-vendor negotiations for new projects


Lower Costs and Resources

Fully integrated platform with a single sign-on.

  • Flat rate, per-project budgets
  • Single sign-on access and 24/7 in-house support
  • Databases fully integrated across all modules
  • Eliminate data integration costs
  • Reuse study designs / components


Manual Tasks

Valuable time spent on manual reconciliation.

  • Manual tasks mean more likelihood of manual errors
  • Manually checking notifications across tools


Automated Tasks

Tasks are executed automatically across modules.

  • Automated tasks performed seamlessly and on time
  • All of your study notifications and alerts in one place

The Truly Unified Fusion eClinical Suite

  • Single sign-on access to all your Fusion modules.
  • Centralized access to the critical data in your studies.
  • Your study is unique. Choose only the modules you need.
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Better decisions. Shorter timelines.
Unified Technology. Unmatched Service.

Empower your next study with a truly unified system!

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