Fusion eConsent

Interactive and flexible Informed Consent Forms (ICFs) for your Patients. Use the Fusion eConsent Portal to capture and store consent, synced to Subject Records.

The Fusion Advantage

  • Flexible eConsent with interactive and multimedia elements.
  • Quick data capture and storage of paperless consent.
  • Consent information synced with Subject Records in Fusion.
  • Real-time dashboards summarizing subject consent status.
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Features and Benefits

Interactive eConsent Portal

Use the Fusion eConsent Portal to capture consent digitally, with interactive elements and media.

  • Consent process can include interactive elements such as embedded video and URLs
  • Add conditional questions and/or signatures based on Patient data entry
  • Multiple language configurations per Site

Paperless Data Capture

No more two-step data capture, everything is captured and stored safely within the eConsent module.

  • Capture critical data points accurately and populate them directly into a Fusion Subject Record
  • Records automatically capture: Consent vs Assent, date ICF was signed, ICF version
  • ICF workflows can be duplicated or configured on a Site-by-Site basis per IRB requirements

Real-Time Subject Record Updates

eConsent information is automatically synced to Subject Records in Fusion.

  • Real-time dashboards with Subject consent status
  • Re-consent active Subjects via the eConsent Portal and info will automatically update in existing Subject Records
  • Easily manage eConsent Portal access for as few or many Site personnel as required

Flexible to Patient Needs

Digital consent information can be emailed, downloaded and printed anytime.

  • Email digital copy of Informed Consent Form (ICF) to Patient with the click of a button
  • Easily export ICF as a PDF and print out for Patients to take home as needed

eConsent and Fusion eClinical Suite

  • eConsent module accessible with Fusion single sign-on
  • Assign permissions to different study roles
  • Subject Records on Fusion automatically updated with eConsent data
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