15 Clinical Modules
Fusion delivers 15 Modules to power your study. Choose the tools and features to manage all elements from a single log-on.
Randomization, Safety, Deviations. Labs. It can be all managed through Fusion.

Know More. Know It Sooner. Act Faster.

Technology should empower you to know more, know it sooner, and act faster. That’s what good technology does.

Axiom Fusion Key Differentiators

Real Time Clinical Trial Reporting
75+ Real-Time PM Reports.
Live access to clinical data reports,
DSMB reporting and data listings.
Getting access to the status of your study shouldn’t require a PhD in computer
science. Real-time study reports in 2 clicks.
Work Easier On Clinical Trials
Axiom’s unified eClinical solutions means your EDC, Randomization, Drug/Device Tracking,
Adjudication, Imaging and SAE/Safety data is in the same place.
Clinical Trial Drug Supply Throughout Study
Integrated IWRS & Randomization. Fully manage your randomization within Fusion eClinical Suite. No need to configure a separate randomization system. Fully integrated with Inventory Management for complete digital management of your IWRS/Inventory.
Clinical Trial Drug Supply Throughout Study
Drug / Device Supply Throughout Your Study
Provides global awareness of inventory activities, balances, and issues as well as notifications of key events including inventory levels, shipments, requests and pending activities. Stop managing your drug or device accountability in multiple systems.
Real Time Clinical Study Activity Notifications

Real-Time Study Activity Notifications
Key notifications about all of the information progress and issues within your study delivered 24/7 to your smartphone or e-mail.
Manage Clinical Trial Safety Events
One Login. Centralized.
No need for a separate safety database.
How about managing your AE/SAEs/SADEs and overall safety reporting from within Fusion? Track events. Create narratives.

Of the keys to study success is the focus of the organization on the study details, consideration for planning and strategic thinking that goes into the initiation of the study. Axiom’s Think/Deploy/Launch process ensures that a well thought-out process is the basis for planning your study.
Clinical Trial Customer Care Team
Axiom’s Customer Care team are extremely focused on ensuring that every single user in the study chain is supported throughout the entire study. Great support is linked to high-quality data. Support personnel who actually are trained on your study’s eCRF. Quick answers to end-user questions means that the study moves along quickly and efficiently.
Expanding Clinical Trial Technology Footprint

Expanding the technology footprint could cost more in the short term, but can greatly enhance the overall study, your real-time knowledge, key business decisions and lower costs in the long term.

Better decisions. Shorter timelines.
Unified Technology. Unmatched Service.