Research Phases

Axiom is the partner of choice for small to medium life sciences organizations. Our unified Fusion eClinical Suite has powered research from pre-clinical to post-marketing phases in more than 40 countries around the world.

We have dedicated 20 years accelerating studies for small-to-mid size life science companies across the globe, in over 30 specialized therapeutic areas, from pre-clinical to post-marketing phases.

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Research Phase Breakdown: Drug Studies

  • Phase I Studies – 27%
  • Phase II Studies – 23%
  • Phase III Studies – 18%
  • Phase IV / Registry – 24%
  • Post-Marketing Services – 8%

Research Phase Breakdown: Device Studies

  • Phase I Studies – 20%
  • Phase II Studies – 23%
  • Phase III Studies – 28%
  • Phase IV / Registry – 21%
  • Post-Marketing Services – 8%

Axiom works with Clients on Studies across the globe.

Countries where Axiom has supported studies in the past 6 months:

Your study is unique. Find out how Axiom can help!

Driving Collaboration via Real-Time Actionable Data: Axiom’s Fusion platform eliminates the labor-intensive manual tasks so often required by small-to-mid size companies in managing a clinical study or study platform.

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