Fusion Data Analytics

Fusion Data Analytics:

Axiom brings together the key components to expand your data analysis knowledge and capabilities across your studies, manage your archival studies and get On-Demand access to the best professionals to readily help analyze your critical data across any key domains of your study operations.

Transform Mountains of Data into Dynamic, Visual Results to make smarter, critical decisions

Fusion’s Data Analytics Platform will help visualize all forms of data to effect better decision making.

Fusion Data Analytics Platform:

Fusion’s intuitive, user-friendly interface makes it easy to explore complex datasets from across all clinical studies, enabling you to make more informed decisions faster than ever. Fusion’s powerful data analytics tools allow you to quickly analyze your clinical study data in real-time, enabling you to take action quickly and confidently.

Fusion also provides in-depth reporting capabilities, so you can easily understand the impact of your clinical study decisions. Fusion makes it easier than ever to gain insights into your clinical study data, giving you the power to make smarter, more effective decisions about clinical, efficacy, safety, operational information.

Data Analytics Options:

  • How can our On-Demand Data Analytics team help you?

    •   Dashboards
    •   Analytics Reports
    •   Interactive Patient Profiles
    •   Key Data Trends
    •   360º Data Review

Fusion Data Analytics can interface with data anywhere and from any source.

Data Integrations:

•   All Fusion Data
•   All Central/Local Labs
•   All Imported Data

Data Analytics Service Options:

  • •   Data Analytics (DA) Strategy)
    •   DA Design
    •   Report Design
    •   Data Trends Design
    •   360º Data Review Strategy
    •   360º Data Review Execution
    •   Primary End-Point Analysis
    •   CEC/DSMB Reporting
    •   Patient Profile Design

Reach out for a Data Analytics Session:

To learn about Axiom’s Data Analytics Tools, please email: solutions@axiom.cc.