Axiom Customer Care

Axiom’s dedicated 24/7 Customer Care Team is trained on all the details of your unique Study (eCRFs, Fusion configuration, etc.) and dedicated to ensuring a five-star user experience.

We are here to help, anytime, anywhere.

Connect with Customer Care

Our in-house subject matter experts are trained on all the details of your study to provide the best level of support.

Connect with us by phone or live chat – from any time zone, in any language!

We take great pride in our monthly CSAT score of 96% on our survey responses.

Real-Time Support for Your Study.

Whether it’s a Coordinator from your Study Team working with Fusion EDC, or a Patient using Fusion ePRO, the Axiom Customer Care Team is here to provide one-on-one, real-time support.

Connect with Customer Care

24/7 Phone Support

Call in to speak with a member of the Axiom Customer Care Team directly.

  • 24/7 support for callers from any time zone
  • Local calling options for end-users worldwide
  • Live voice translation for phone conversations

Real-Time Live Chat Support

Instantly connect with an Axiom Customer Care Team for your inquiry.

  • 24/7 support for end-users from any device / browser
  • Accommodates hearing impaired end-users
  • Live text translation for chat conversations

Email Support

Fill out our email inquiry form and an Axiom Customer Care Team member will be in touch!

  • Our team monitors email inquiries 24/7
  • A team member will address your inquiry personally

Fusion Support

Access our dedicated Fusion support team directly from within the portal or mobile apps!

  • 24/7 support for end-users of any Fusion module/app
  • Dedicated SMEs for every Fusion module

Patient Questionnaires

Administer questionnaires to patients participating in your study.

  • 24 / 7 support for patients on-site or remote
  • Dedicated Multilingual Global SMEs
  • Scheduled questionnaires administered in Real-Time

Patient Recruitment

Recruitment and pre-screening of patients to be enrolled in your study.

  • 24 / 7 support from our Last Mile Delivery Team
  • Scheduling and Coordination of appointments seamlessly with your Sites

Hear it from Our Clients!

Our Clients and End Users are our biggest advocates. We are proud to maintain a consistent monthly average CSAT score of 96% based off a survey response rate of 17% – both significantly higher than industry standards.

Axiom Customer Care CSAT Score

Industry Standard CSAT Score
  • Connector.

    Your customer service is the very best of all the CS calls I need to make! Always professional and always solves my challenges while on the call. I appreciate all your team for their dedication to this study.

    – Clinical Research Coordinator

  • Connector.

    Despite the Europa time, I got a call few minutes after my request and was able to set up my access and work on the system afterward.

    – Clinical Research Director

  • Connector.

    ...Building rapport was really good and that made the training easier. The training was systematic, straight forward with several samples. In addition, the information that the customer service is 24 hours is very relieving that we can always reach out anytime we need support ... I also recommended to the Data Management team in our company to see your service.

    – M.D, Clinical Project Manager

  • Connector.

    The team makes it very easy to follow through with the instructions provided. Including images is super helpful.

    – Clinical Research Coordinator

  • Connector.

    You are very helpful and patient with us, you have a full knowledge about the protocol.

    – Clinical Research Manager

Study-Specific Expertise. Agile Response.

Our Customer Care Team are SMEs who know all there is to know about Fusion and your unique Study. In-house access to Fusion means your queries can be addressed immediately.

Subject Matter Experts

Our Customer Care Team have the training and expertise to effectively address any queries on your Study.

  • All Customer Care Team members receive detailed training on your specific Study (eCRFs, Fusion configuration, etc.)
  • Dedicated SMEs are experts on every Fusion feature and module
  • Our Teams provide guided Fusion support on: user activation, user registration, user access updates, training, etc.

Agile Response Time

Our in-house, 24/7 team means your inquiries can be prioritized and addressed immediately.

  • Customer Care support available 24/7 in any time zone
  • Real-time support through chat, phone, and email
  • In-house access to Fusion means our teams can respond to your inquiry immediately

The Fusion Advantage

  • Dedicated 24/7 support for Client and Patient end-users
  • Study-wide support for all of your Fusion modules
  • Support by in-house subject matter experts trained on your Study
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