Axiom Celebrates the Many Women in their Organization for International Women’s Day!

Axiom Press Release

TORONTO, March 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Axiom Real-Time Metrics (“Axiom”), a premier provider of unified eClinical solutions and services focused on small-to-medium life science organizations is celebrating the tremendous contributions of the many women in their organization on International Women’s Day.

We live in a world that is filled with inequalities where women continue to face barriers to progress and move into leadership positions in the workplace. Axiom is a company with no bars on success but what you put in. An industry with no glass ceiling.

Founded by Andrew Schachter in 2001, Axiom has empowered leading edge small and mid-sized life science organizations worldwide with their Fusion eClinical Suite. For over two decades, the ambition, expertise, and diverse perspective that women leaders have contributed play a key role in the company’s incredible growth on a global scale. The immense work and dedication by the women who make up more than 80% of our leadership team and 60+% of our team members have been a driving force behind Axiom’s success.

As a proud National Sponsor for the Women in Bio organization for many years, Axiom continuously celebrates the amazing women leaders and all that they have accomplished in the industry. Encouraging and inspiring future female leaders to enter the field of clinical research is essential for promoting gender diversity and equity in this industry. By promoting the achievements and contributions of current female leaders, and by providing opportunities for mentorship and networking, we can help to break down barriers and create pathways for the next generation of women to enter and succeed in this field.

“We live in a world where the desire to oppress women’s rights continues to grow, not only in 3rd world countries, but 1st world as well. International Women’s Day is not a single day on the calendar, but a cause and continuous drive to recognize the incredible work of so many individuals, and to ensure that companies create no artificial limitations on anyone’s success, regardless of gender, ethnicity or background. At Axiom, we live these principles every day. I’m one of many fortunate people to be surrounded by the visionary female leadership and team members of this organization. We will never waiver from this fight for women’s rights,” says Andrew Schachter, Founder and CEO.

For more information about Axiom Real-Time Metrics and to view a video from Axiom’s Leadership Team, please visit: Axiom’s LinkedIn

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