Data Ownership: Setting Up Your Study for Success

Axiom Thought Leadership

CEO and Founder of Axiom Real-Time Metrics, Andrew Schachter, is featured in PharmaVOICE’s June 2019 edition for feature article “Data Ownership: Setting Up Your Study for Success”.


A small-to medium-size biotech or medical device company typically succeeds or fails on one pivotal study. It cannot be underestimated how important the study and operational data are to the success of that organization. The paramount consideration needs to be, do you have ownership of that data? Let’s talk about that now.

Whether you are a start-up pharma, biotech company, a medical devices innovator, or an established organization, you want to be equipped with the best possible solution for your study. Finding an eClinical partner that gives you full access and visibility into your clinical data and offers on-demand reporting is crucial to program and organizational success.