Connect with a group that is focused exclusively on the needs of small to medium life sciences companies.

Unified eClinical Platform

EDC and over 15 integrated study modules, complete data management and biostats. Axiom configured, or in-source our eClinical technology.

Differentiated Pricing

Discover powerful, intuitive, and cost effective eClinical tools and services to manage your studies, without long term commitments or high costs.

Focused on small-to-mid size life sciences

Reach out to a team that understands your unique needs and challenges and is focused on being a partner in your study’s success.

Working with Axiom means

! Smart, intuitive eClinical technology and services with premium features, quality engineering, exceptional pricing and fanatical customer service for small to medium life sciences companies.

With Axiom as your partner, we let you focus on the research, not the technology needed to conduct it.

! Great support is linked to high-quality data. Axiom’s Customer Care team are extremely focused on ensuring that every single user in the study chain is supported throughout the entire study.

Prompt, helpful answers to end-user questions means that the study moves along quickly and efficiently.

! Axiom Fusion eClinical has been the result of enormous energy from smart, dedicated team members delivering eClinical solutions that are designed to meet the needs, challenges and goals of small to medium biotech, device and CROs.

At Axiom, we never stop innovating our solutions or services and it shows in the day-to-day ease of use of our eClinical tools.


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